The Curious CTO

Aug 1

Dealing with email deliverability complexity

Because of the prevalence of spam, its becoming increasingly cumbersome to self-manage the delivery of transactional email.  If you need registering users to click on links emailed to them, its a major frustration and drop off point when the emails don’t appear.

A recent aid to the email delivery toolset are services like

Its a startup that for $80/month will take care of all those pesky SPF records etc and stop you having to email Yahoo! mail every 2 months when you get marked as a spammer by some goldfish brained new customer who thinks your registration confirmation is spam.

I faced many issues in this area last year and wish I knew about this service then.

Another consideration is using Social Sign On via Janrain or alternative providers to get round this.  The only issue with Facebook login/OpenID etc is that there is no obvious way to enforce re-login for example when a customer goes to the My Account page.